THE PRice of peace


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For seven years, the people of Ngai Tuhoe have suffered the fallout from the police raids of 2007.
For many, many more years they have endured the pain of colonisation. 2014 is the year when
the police apologise, the Crown apologises and reconciliation can begin. This documentary follows the events from the raids to reconciliation – tracing the journey through one man: activist, kaumatua and artist, Tame Iti. Directed by Kim Webby and edited by Cushla Dillon. DOP Jos Wheeler.

Distributed Internationally by Journeyman Pictures and Kanopy Streaming


An ordinary Kiwi is caught up in the fall of the Berlin Wall and it changes his life.

AN ACCIDENTAL BERLINER screened to capacity audiences in Auckland and Wellington
DOC Edge film festival 2015. Director Tony Forster was awarded best New Zealand Emerging Filmmaker.
Congratulations Tony, your passion has transferred to the big screen.

“On 9 November 1989, by pure chance, I was in East Berlin – the night the Wall came down. 
When I walked back through Checkpoint Charlie, the first foreigner to come through,
I was confronted by thousands of people, clapping and cheering...

“That extraordinary night reshaped my life as I went in search of its meaning,
put my career on hold and entered a schizophrenic existence, shuttling back and forth
across the world, seeking both love and an understanding I’m still groping for. ”

Feature documentary directed by Tony Forster, shot by Davorin Fahn and edited by Roger Grant .

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WHIRIA (Woman Warrior)

In development.

When a warrior princess runs away with her lover, the man she jilts will stop at nothing to get her back

WHIRIA tells of a beautiful Maori princess Pakiri, who falls in love with a handsome young nobleman,
Te Au O Kura, when she has been promised to another man.  Her determination to be with her beloved,
no matter the cost, sets in train a series of events that bring pain and horror on her people.

The story ranges from the sea to the mountains, as the jilted lover seeks his revenge, ultimately calling on
his evil uncle to use his arts of black magic.  Pakiri loses all who are dear to her, and finally she has to sacrifice even her beloved, as he sets off on a long journey back across the Pacific Ocean to the mythical homeland of Hawaiki to seek forgiveness from the gods.

Epic feature of love, war, death and redemption set in a time long distant.




Australasian pop idol STAN WALKER stars as Turei, the potato picker dreaming of stardom in Kura Productions' MT ZION. Written and directed by Tearepa Kahi, produced by Quinton Hita and distributed by Sony Pictures International.
Executive producer Christina Milligan, post producer Roger Grant.
Opened nationwide 6th February 2013, Waitangi Day and Bob Marley's birthday.

CONBRIO MEDIA is a New Zealand company bringing together the diverse
talents of producer/writer Christina Milligan and post-producer/editor Roger Grant.
Together with actor/writer Rawiri Paratene Conbrio has executive produced a series of
short films under the banner shorts conbrio.


christina@conbrio.co.nz 027 470 6895
027 470 6894
PO Box 34367 Birkenhead Auckland 0746